DHA Financial Services
DHA Financial Services

An Introduction To Our Services

Our range of services has been strategically developed with the primary intention of providing our clients with services that are both comprehensive and complimentary. These services cover all the main financial functions of accounting, advice and secretarial services, estate planning and administration, financial planning, insurance, investments and tax.

Our clients, having all their financial information in one place with us, are able to focus on the important aspects of running their businesses or professions and know that one phone call or email to us will source any information they require or activate any instruction given by them.

The benefits our clients derive from our holistic financial services offering are:

  • The elimination of multiple advisors or consultants and trying to remember who does what.
  • The opportunity of having the best possible tax and business structures in place.
  • The opportunity of having the best possible estate planning carried out and structuring implemented.
  • Reducing the possibility of incorrect reporting as a result of missing information.
  • Reducing the chances of their information or parts of it being lost.
  • Reducing the overall cost of the administration of their financial affairs.
  • Having all their information available from one source.
  • Comfort in the knowledge that their information is completely confidential.

Financial services for individuals and businesses

We will help you achieve financial independence by providing personalised and quality financial advice, products and services in: